BeyChella serving HBCU Realness !

BeyChella had everyone SHOOK! Shooketh, not only was Beyoncé the first black woman to headline but she gave the blackest black

excellence experiences of all time (in my opinion).

If you missed it here’s a link and she also performing again this weekend! :
Beyoncé gave us New Orleans 2nd Line and HBeyCU (HBCU) Realness from Bands to Stand Dance, Swag Surf, Stepping and Probates all in one performance. She also hired performers who were graduates of HBCUs and Members of D9, diversity in body figures, she even found 10 black women who play the violin! Beyoncé even created her own sorority BΔΚ.
Of course the Queen and her Coachella performance sent social media into a frenzy, some outrageously hilarious comments, concerns, comparisons you name it!

“Honestly, I appreciate the exposure and the opportunity provided to all those HBCU alumni, I do, but it almost feels gimmicky. I don’t follow Beyoncé enough to know if that was genuine or a capitalization on the rising popularity of HBCUs. I feel as though it was more so for marketing, than, “Hey, my name is Beyoncé & I love and support HBCUs” Furthermore, did any of those schools receive a shout out from her?” -anonymous

“It means Black Magic is expanding and that’s what we need as a whole. Beyoncé making history as the first black female headline is one thing to be proud about, but as she said herself it’s about damn time. I appreciate Beyoncé because not only did she make history for herself she made history for her group Destiny’s Child. She put on for so many black individuals and gave them the shine they deserve. In this world black people certainly black men are seen for something we’re not. She help shed light on our blackness and how talented and phenomenal we really are. She represented us very well. She included so many individuals into that performance and it was appreciated.
HBCUs go unnoticed and never get the recognition needed for their education, their culture, or their talents. Each and everyone involved killed it and put on a great show. The Marching band/Drumline, the Sorority and Fraternity, Beyoncé dancers, Beyoncé band, Hov, Destiny’s Child and Solange. Beyoncé brought BLACKNESS to Coachella and that’s why it’s now Beychella. After this performance I hope people will realize what we have to offer. We always been this and we will forever be this but EVEN BETTER. We won’t and can’t be silenced from our GREATNESS anymore. It’s shining and it’s SHINING BRIGHTER than ever.” – @Suave_Amauri
It’s was so many amazing things through her 2 hour set that I still can not wrap my mind at it. I’ve always been proud to be Black and very proud of my HBCU my pride grew during Bey’s performance, if were being honest none of these artist owe us any recognition and that fact that Beyoncé is using her platform “fame” and reach to bring more light to HBCU and Black culture is amazing. It’s a start in bridging the gap, how can we expect for individuals who aren’t aware of appreciate what and who we are if we do not show them? Those who care to break a cycle will do the research and see why this is important to us and those who don’t pray for them. We are HBCUs and we are rising period.

Saw this written above photo and commentary by: Alisa Adamson Profit and thought i would share it with you ❤️❤️I told Beyonce that i was afraid that the predominately white audience at Coachella would be confused by all of the black culture and Black college culture because it was something that they might not get. Her brave response to me made me feel a-bit selfish and ashamed. She said i have worked very hard to get to the point where i have a true voice and At this point in my life and my career i have a responsibility to do whats best for the world and not what is most popular “ She said that her hope is that after the show young people would research this culture and see how cool it is, and young people black and white would listen to “ LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING and see how amazing the words are for us all and bridge the gap. She also hopes that it will encourage young kids to enroll in our amazing HIstorically Black Colleges and Universities . I stand corrected ❤️

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