Ask Professor Lately….. Should I Masturbate?

ask campuslately

I like sex but I don’t want to be a hoe. I’m not looking for a man right now I know they ain’t talking about anything. But I enjoy sex and love my body. I want to get down more than I should.


“Hello Double Standard, nice to meet you”. Yep. That good ole’ double standard will greet you every time you consider this. Men can have sex with who they want, when they want, and how they want with very little back lash. As women, we are put on a pedestal and in order to remain cherished, we have to handle our jewels a certain way. You can like sex without having sex with every man you come across. You want a man to respect you. You want him to work for it. No one wants to buy a puzzle they can put together in seconds. What’s the point? Then he’s just going to go and get another puzzle he can put together quickly and he’ll have a collection of random puzzles. Don’t miss the point, this is not about puzzles. If you love your body the way you claim you should want to treat it like a prize possession or an artifact in a museum. Look, but don’t touch.

-xo Professor Lately

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