5 Online Tests That Helps You Pick the Right Major

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1) Loyola’s “What’s Your Major” Quiz

This quiz is composed of 35 questions that gain a great consensus of the things that interest you which are designed to give you all the majors that you would find appealing.

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2) Buzz Feed’s College Major Quiz

Although this quiz may be a little less-structured, it’s still pretty accurate. It is composed of situational and behavioral questions that can give you great insight into the major that is actually right for you.

3) 16 Personalities Quiz

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator is a world-famous test that tons of companies, schools, and people use to asses their personality for a variety of reasons. The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator splits accurately depicts most people’s personality by asking a variety of questions that place each person into 1 of 16 personality types. The only thing is it isn’t a cheap test to take, but 16personalities.com created a quiz that is comparable to it and uses the same personality types. These personality types can lead you in the right direction of your career.

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4) The Princeton Review Career Quiz

The Princeton Review is known for its exceptional ability to prepare students and professionals for career-advancing tests, so it is no surprise that their career quiz ended up on my list. It is composed of 24 sets of phrases with two phrases in each set. Within each set, you must choose which phrase fits you best and at the end you will get details results of which careers are viable options for you.

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5) DSST’s “Which Major is Right For You?” Quiz

This quiz is unique because it assesses your academic strengths compared to your interests. There are only 6 questions and your answers place you into one of four categories which are humanities, social sciences, sciences, or quantitative reasoning. Once you have assessed your academic strength, you can seek out majors that utilize those and be on your way to picking the right major for you.

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