Zsuzsi Kollányi will teach this to her children

Zsuzsi Kollányi will teach this to her children

Zsuzsi Kollányi is the happy mother of three young boys. Try to teach them the most valuable things in life.

The singer came up with an important idea. In this rushing world, you want it for your children To teach you what is really important in life. The most important time for Zsuzzi is spending time with her family.

Photo: László Mudra – Origo

“It’s pathetic to say, but we really can’t remember anything more valuable on our deathbed, and we couldn’t be more successful than good human relationships. I watched them sleep and thought I didn’t really need more than that in life.” It’s nice to have a car, and it’s nice to make a lot of money, just as it’s nice to be able to buy things for ourselves, but what’s really important is to have a place to sleep. Among our family, where it is hot, they do no harm and we have nothing to eat. I think we need to consciously remind ourselves of this from time to time, especially in the 21st century, in the pseudo-world of the internet and social media.”

. said story For Zsuzsi magazine.

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