Zsuzsa Demcsák fell on a festive evening in her embroidered gold dress: all eyes were on her - the Hungarian star

Zsuzsa Demcsák fell on a festive evening in her embroidered gold dress: all eyes were on her – the Hungarian star

Zsuzsa Dimexac We can see her on screen for more than twenty years, she has hosted many TV productions, and also acts as a host for festive events and performances.

In a recent kind of event, he had an embarrassing accident that he talked about on Life TV Breaking from 7 PM on weekdays.

Zsuzsa Demcsák fell into the ceremony

The 42-year-old channel presenter said he was drawn to the embarrassing incident of being caught on a party evening.

– an evening party, an event for a thousand or two thousand people, a golden dress sewn separately to me. I only had to climb three platforms to train in front of him. It had in my mind that something had to happen up the stairs someday, for sure, for sure. But I didn’t get to the stairs because I tripped over a cable when everything was dark and the headlight was on by my side, and he accompanied me all the way until I reached the platform coming from the side.

“I cut myself in my gold sequin-covered dress, then I quickly stood up, shook myself, reassuring everyone that everything was fine. Then, I did the show in English. He told the cast,” I want to talk to you about the embarrassing situations to see if you can confuse me. ” My memory.

Life TV broadcaster Holdampf Linda, who was a guest in front of the cameras this time, said it’s going to be tough!

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He also had an embarrassing situation during a TV show on one of TV2’s morning shows, Mokka.


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“We spoke very seriously about urban development at the deportation site, in a city, and then in the background a naked man whose mother-in-law felt he should show himself there. He stood there for long seconds.

Hungarian stars in the same dress

Éva Novodomszky has been one of the faces of public television for over two decades, while Nóra Ördög is one of the dominant announcers on RTL Klub and then the TV2 commercial channel. In addition to the fact that they are both popular TV shows, we also found something in common: They both loved Zhoja Salon’s fiery red evening dress. In our special collection, we’ve gathered some creations that Nora Erdogan and another galaxy star have already wore.

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