Zsolt Szaszák's response to LL Junior's annoyance: I think there's no reason to apologize

Zsolt Szaszák’s response to LL Junior’s annoyance: I think there’s no reason to apologize

The competitor missed the job because production is not his only responsibility.

a I’ll be a star in a star! In his second live broadcast, Gaby Tooth 22-year-old competitor, Zsolt Szaszák LL Junior He took one of his old songs on stage. However, the production did not win the favor of the original performer. LL Junior immediately wrote his complaints because he didn’t think it was a imitation but a parody.

a Bliknik Now Zsolt Szaszák has responded as well. The talent scout said what he thought of the situation.

I wanted to meet mainly myself and my master, Gaby Toth. My job was to perform and entertain, and I think it worked, and I had no intention of making Junior a laughingstock. I’m a huge fan of me falling to the floor in front of him writing great songs despite the tragedies, an excellent performance I’ve been looking for since I was a kid. A nose-pull that was offended was necessary, we judged with the singing teachers that in order to imitate his voice, such an artistic thing was needed. I would be happy to discuss this with Junior, but I don’t think there is any reason to apologize.

– I started to star I’ll be a star! competitor.

I read the comments during the post until dawn. Many defended Junior, and while it was good to see how much they loved me, many hurt me, which is hard to deal with. His job was bad, he channeled all his nerves on me, despite having a staff here and all the common decisions.

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