Zsolt Máté Mészáros becomes musical director of the Church of the Ascension in the center of Budapest |  Hungarian Post

Zsolt Máté Mészáros becomes musical director of the Church of the Ascension in the center of Budapest | Hungarian Post

The statement quotes parish priest Zoltan Usti as saying that he has long sought a music director who was a worthy leader of the church’s musical past, both in church music and in the culture that the downtown parish church has long represented. “It is not only about sacred liturgical music, but also about serious concert life,” he stressed.

As he said, their predecessors such as Artúr Harmat or Ferenc Liszt were the hallmarks of their musical life. He noted that Zsolt Máté Mészáros had given concerts in the church several times before and, during his research, examined, among other things, how Liszt related to the parish priest and church leader and how he left his artistic mark. over here.

The post also quotes Máté Zsolt Mészáros, who said that he gave several concerts in the church and that his search for Ferenc Liszt also led him here. He noted that this place was important to the author who conducted church works many times and many of his monumental works were performed here for the first time.

“I feel compelled to lead a church musical life worthy of the spirituality of the place and the legacy of the great ancestors,” he said.

He added that as director of music, his important goal is to ensure that future programs, concerts and festivals are diverse and at a high artistic level so that the church can take its rightful place among the most prestigious concert venues in Hungary.

While writing, Zsolt Máté Mészáros is the lead representative for the generation of young members. In 2018, he graduated as an organist at Liszt Ferenc University of Music and is currently a PhD student.

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He has won an Annis Fischer Music Performing Arts Scholarship three times (in 2016, 2017 and 2019) and a three-year scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of Arts in 2020, where he prepares and presents a whole new edition of the Harmony and Singing of Ferenc Liszt. The device works.in a series of concerts.

Zsolt Máté Mészáros has given hundreds of concerts in Hungary in recent years and has performed at festivals in many European countries. In 2012 he won the organ competition at the Philharmonic in Pecs. In 2018, he reached the semi-finals of the Miami International Organ Competition.

One of the artist’s main goals is to promote organ music and Hungarian music culture. Transcripts of its members are often performed at his concerts. Organist of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Kosice Square. Many Hungarian composers noted his commitment to promoting Hungarian musical culture and introducing new music, and composed works for him. The statement stated that his name is associated with the premiere of several Hungarian works.

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