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Zsolt Bayer Films for Public Television from Mongolia

Zsolt Bayer Films for Public Television from Mongolia

July 17, 2023 – 10:40 PM

Screenwriter Zsolt Baer, ​​cinematographer Marcel Krolik and producer Marton Kalumista (son of Gabor Kalumista) are making a 14-episode documentary about the history, culture and customs of Mongolia – all this was revealed a week ago. Written by Mongolian newspaper called Ikon, which I noticed.

According to the Mongolian newspaper report, the artists were also received by the deputy mayor of Ulaanbaatar in charge of social affairs and environmental protection, Z. Tömörtömöö. The film crew was accompanied by Ambassador Borbala-Obrosanzky. Marton Calumesta told the newspaper that he had wanted to make a documentary about Mongolia for many years.

When I presented the idea for the film to the government, it immediately approved it. This action is in line with the policy of our country. The spirit of our film is the Mongolian culture and traditions and the beautiful nature. I also think that our film shows the similarities and common features between Mongolian and Hungarian culture.”

24. He called Marton Calomista, who only replied that representatives of the press would be informed of the series.

By the way, Zsolt Bayer publishes a travel diary about the trip in Magyar Nemzet, the first report was published on June 28, and now In the seventh part The series continues. Baer has previously shot several similar travel film series, for example, the revival of Pal Rockenbauer’s cross-country series One and a Half Million Steps in Hungary.

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