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Zsófia Pázmándi also scored a goal in the French three-day tournament

Zsófia Pázmándi also scored a goal in the French three-day tournament

In November, the women’s ice hockey team wins the preparatory tournament held in Vujany, and in December they will be in France again. In Amiens, the hosts, also in Group A, the Japanese national team, as well as the Danes, who were eliminated from the elite this summer, were the opponents. Zsófia Pázmándi from Kaposvár was also included in the squad as a striker.

There is a newcomer on the list, Luca Martone. Several players who were not available in November were invited. Enikő Tóth returned to the team after last year’s Olympic qualifiers. Pat Cortina’s term was extended by the President of the Hungarian Confederation.

The preparatory tournament in Amiens did not start so well, the women’s team lost 4-0 to the Danes.

The Danes started better in third place, and the Hungarian goalkeeper had to defend more. The Hungarians could not turn a man’s advantage into a target. On the other hand, Petra Ssamosvalvi was sent off twice, and the opponent scored the second goal in the 18th minute.

The second half began with a prolonged Hungarian superiority, but it was not possible to equalize the score, in fact, Glod scored in the 22nd minute. After that, the Hungarian national team began to play better, creating chances one after another, but the chances did not go into the goal, and after that there was no There is a goal in another forum. In the last minute, however, the Danes quickly turned a measure into a goal.

At the beginning of the third period, another Dane was served, but this did not lead to any improvement either. After the addition, the opponent increased his advantage, and the puck bounced off Mira Seregili. In continuation, both teams can still play with superior numbers, but the score remains unchanged. Alexandra Ronai was named the best Hungarian.

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Hungary – Denmark 0-4

The women’s national team performed well and lost 3-2 to the Japanese in an even battle.

Compared to the previous match, the Hungarians played more concentration, faster and more discipline. Japan threatened at first, but Hungarian opportunities came one after another. In the middle of the third the Hungarians had the man advantage, and were unable to capitalize on it, but they did in the second Japanese fair; Kenga Gokai-Szelajy’s cross was crossed by Zsovia Pazmendi, who was having his birthday at the time. Japan tried to speed up, but the Hungarians certainly defended themselves.

The second period began with a drawn-out Japanese show, and after adding, Hitasato equalized to reach the second wave. The opponents had many chances in this period, but Aneko Nemeth defended well. The Hungarians managed to play with the man several times. In the Hungarian fairs the defenders blocked well and Nemeth also made great catches.

The third period was also at a good pace, with chances on both sides. The opponent took the lead after five minutes with a long shot. Three minutes later, the Japanese scored another goal. However, the Hungarians did not surrender, and even threatened several times, especially with the advantage of man. They also scored their second goal from this position. There were also chances at the start, they tried to bring the goalkeeper down, but no more goals were scored.

Japan won 3-2, this was their second victory in Amiens, as they had previously defeated the French 4-1. Kinga Jókai-Szilágyi was named Hungarian best of the match.

Hungary-Japan 2-3

The Hungarian national team defeated the French 5-1 with a confident performance, thus taking third place in the preparatory tournament.

This time Zsuzsa Révész was in goal for the French national team. The Hungarian national team got off to an excellent start, and after just over a minute, Mira Seregeli managed to put Luti Odnoja’s long shot in front of the goal. Furthermore, the Hungarians had the man advantage almost immediately, and although Jókai-Szilágyi was in a great position, he was unable to capitalize on it. Then Regina Metzler had to sit out, and another Hungarian defect due to a bad substitution ensued, and the host took advantage of this. The fairs were worth each other, and fortunately, the Hungarians also scored the man’s advantage. Reeves defended the French shots well and there were dangerous situations on the other side as well.

At the start of the second term, the Hungarians managed to try again with a man advantage, but the French team wasted the two minutes. In the 27th minute, with equal numbers, the Hungarians scored another goal. Another French exhibition followed, Bazmande and Metzler also tested the goalkeeper. In the 34th minute, he scored the fourth Hungarian goal in another forum. The opponent changed the goalkeepers. In continuity, the Hungarians had to defend twice against the defect, but they solved both with tact and discipline.

In the final third, the Hungarian team maintained its advantage well and tried to cause confusion in front of the opponent’s goal. He also had the opportunity to do so with the man’s advantage. The French were driving, Reeves had a lot to do, and once the goalkeeper helped him. In the first half, the Hungarian team again had a man advantage, and Gokay Zelagyi hit Bazmandi’s good pass.

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Thus, the Hungarian national team won 5-1 against the French, again defeating its rival after November and taking third place in Amiens.

Hungary-France 5-1


It has become final that the Elite Women’s World Championships will be held in Brampton, Canada, from April 5-16. The matches will be hosted by the CAA Center, which has a capacity of 5,000 people. The date and location were determined after consultation between the Canadian Federation, the International Federation, and the television company that owns the rights.

This will be the third time that the Hungarian national team can participate in Group A, the last time, this summer, Pat Cortina’s team reached the quarter-finals.

The Hungarian national team will play in the second group with the Germans, the Finns, the Swedes and the emerging French. The other five are defending champions Canada, the United States, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Japan. The top three in Group AB advance to the quarter-finals.

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