Zsófi Szabó on her love for Shane Tusup: 'We would have kept this relationship with ourselves'

Zsófi Szabó on her love for Shane Tusup: ‘We would have kept this relationship with ourselves’

The presenter first gave a television interview to his new partner, who is very pleased with him but does not want to reveal his relationship to the public.


For the first time, Zsófi Szabó and Shane Tusup gave a TV interview to Fókus, after they talked about their relationship in public last week.

Now they once again confirmed to RTL Klub magazine that they are together, but they don’t want to brag about their relationship, they want to experience the moments they spend together like two guys who are now getting to know each other.

Shane, who was formerly husband of Long Katinka, has stated that she loves everything about Zsófi, the love of her life, the big woman. He loved it when he visited the RTL breakfast in June this year, with Zsófi being one of the presenters.

He didn’t know anything about it at the time, but when they sat across from each other, he immediately grabbed something in him and knew he wanted to know. However, at that time, he was still in a relationship and only started dating the beautiful presenter after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. According to the swimmer, the acquaintance passed between them very easily, but the attention of the popular press made the first period difficult.

“We were still keeping that connection to ourselves. Well, obviously we’re well-known people, we figured people would care that we party. But we usually go on a date, to the movies, have dinner, go shopping or have coffee. Without taking pictures”

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– Zsófi said, adding that they hope that after their first photo session and interview together, they will not be so new that they can be photographed somewhere.


The announcer denied that they had actually moved, saying that they spend a lot of time together at his house precisely because they don’t have much opportunity to go elsewhere because they were filmed elsewhere. As he said, they will obviously have joint appearances, social media posts, but they don’t want to mention their relationship.

For Shane Zsófi, she begins to learn Hungarian so that they can communicate not only in English, but the teacher helps her. Zsoufi revealed that the swimming coach is the first duo who really dares to open up. Tusup had already introduced his new girlfriend to his mother, which was a milestone in their relationship. For now, he is definitely planning to stay in Budapest, but if the virus situation allows, he will take the submitter to the United States to show him his homeland.

Focus Interview with Zsófi Szabó and Shane Tusup

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