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Zoltan Jakob and his new girlfriend could have already broken up

Zoltan Jakob and his new girlfriend could have already broken up

This year’s Big Ő ended a few weeks ago, with billionaire Zoltán Jákob looking for love. In the end, 31-year-old Hajnal chose Bettina, whom they did not meet until the show ended so as not to fail. After the last broadcast, at first it seemed that everything was fine between them, they spent more and more time together, but in the past few days, they seem to be looking for each other’s company less and less. Zoltan Jakob left the country without his new girlfriend.

Although Zoltan Jakob had doubts about Bettina Hajnal, because she is a rather jealous type, it did not prevent him from deepening his relationship with her. The woman had previously shown a detailed video clip of their first date on her page on the social networking site, where it seemed that there was great harmony between them. Then many suspected that Zoltan did not accompany Jacob to a very important event.

The event was the first book presentation by Zoltan Jakob, where he spoke about his book From Paprikavoldik to Seven Star Life, in which he shared how he became a billionaire through his own efforts, offering a kind of recipe for success. Bettina Hajnal expressed her absence by saying that she did not want to distract attention from the businessman.

Now another suspicious thing has happened to the couple, because Jacob has left the country, specifically to Dubai, where he traveled with his colleagues, and will likely spend more time there without his girlfriend. He previously showed off his luxury suite on his social media page, where the view is amazing, because you can see the ski slope and the sunny landscape at the same time.

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My suite overlooked the pool and ski slope at the same time, of course on two separate levels. I can see the ski slope down here in Dubai, it’s an indoor slope so it’s not thirty degrees, and the snow isn’t melting. On top of the ski slope, my window overlooked the pool at a thirty-degree angle, and my favorite hotel, the Burj Al Arab, was located opposite that, so it was…” – Zoltan Jakob explained in the video, but did not say where he chose to stay..

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