Zoltán Hegyi: Netflix has become a parody of itself

Zoltán Hegyi: Netflix has become a parody of itself

So, I would like to draw a line for the three parents and the two little puppies.

“Here’s Netflix now, for example. Brainwashing, of course, is like any other gigantic media outlet and social interface, because it manipulates almost invisibly, but I’m not one of those who consider it the work of Satan. God has endowed us with great queens of thought and choice.” If all the cords were torn, the remote would be there. However, the way Netflix considered it interesting and useful for sure. Nothing new in the fact that if there was an entertainment product to save Earth from a strange animal or disease, we would find Asian and black men and women in between Members of the Mission What the hell was required of is not easy to grasp with a sane mind, because that’s not really the case, and real movie and acting should never be confused.

But what has happened now is that Netflix asked researchers at the University of Southern California to rate the extent to which different social groups between actors and producers represent their shows in English. And they and his companions did a nightmare judgment (»The report shows that Netflix is ​​more socially representative year after year, but there is still a long way to go.“) The materials have been delivered. This revealed, among other things, that Netflix has more output than its competitors, but lags behind Latin American and Asian-born actors. Well if I were a woman, I’d usually wake up to be able to follow in the footsteps of some great filmmaker like, say, Agnès Varda, Věra Chytilová or Ildikó Enyedi, on the basis of some kind of ration, not because of my talent.

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We also learned that in the period under review, we were also happier women among producers and business screenwriters than other providers, not to mention the positive stats for women of color. In addition, the leadership roles were distributed evenly between the genders, and even the percentage of black actors in this category exceeded that of the US population. The same is true for Latin Americans and Asians, so there is really room for improvement.

The drama in all of this is that the triumph of censorship, self-control, and brain problems continues in the name of freedom. In Hollywood, movies have been made for a while so that they have a smooth ride in the state police markets, and in any case, so that someone is not accidentally hurt by something, because then they run out of their jobs, eat breakfast and eat breakfast. There will not be thirty-six pigeons next to Madonna. And the fact that Netflix, which is showing up but is already racing with a thousand, asserts itself by writing a report on itself is another warning sign. One can only hope that the exaggeration often becomes a parody of itself.

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