Zita Carsay showed her six-year-old daughter for the first time: fairy-haired Lily - a Hungarian star

Zita Carsay showed her six-year-old daughter for the first time: fairy-haired Lily – a Hungarian star

Encouraged by the huge success of Megastar, TV2 launched Megatance in 2006, seeking talented dancers rather than vocalists. The country recognized the curly-haired bomber here, zeta carsay, which eventually took second place in production among the contestants.

The dancer’s life has changed a lot in the last 15 years. He worked abroad for years after finding his love, Giza, moving between his base in Germany and Hungary. They became a family in April 2021, That’s when their little girl was bornAnd Leila.

Zita Carsay showed her baby for the first time

After the baby is born, they move to Socorro, where they spend their daily lives in a real garden in a charming town. While Geza, a gardener, has a lot of work in the area, her love goes to a club for moms of kids, and she works in a yoga studio once a week, devoting all of her time and energy to six kids. A year old seedling, a real hairy little baby.

No wonder her mother is often so worried about the little one, that Lily initially fell more than would have been normal. The reason for this was revealed in one of the studies, in which the doctor found that the drops were bouncing.

“My milk quickly ran out, so we had to switch to formula, after which it didn’t stay in, the reflux formula came in. Since then, it’s been much better, but it still drops regularly, so our day is really based on nutrition. We can’t play,” he said. Or walk, but we can’t even dance in the living room until food reaches her stomach. Story Magazine.

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Other than that, Lily is a true model. She is always in a good mood, forever smiling and letting her parents sleep at night. Usually Zita Karsai and her lover have to stand in front of her only once, but the 42-year-old dancer still does not sleep well. Her sleep disturbance during pregnancy did not go away after giving birth.

– But I have a lot of trouble! I am fine mentally and physically. Moreover, in the case of the latter, I really have no reason to complain, because I am thinner than I was before pregnancy.

She was forty years old when her daughter was born, and she believes that thanks to this, she copes with obstacles to being a mother as much as possible.

“Being a mother late – at age 41 – meant I was more aware of myself and my life. I accepted that I was no longer the first. I still keep myself pretty well from this, because if I’m okay, so will my family.”

Daughter of Betty Blasey and Free Varga

In the third season of Megastar, Feri Varga not only won the title of Male Voice of the Year 2006, but the show also brought her love. Then he met Betty Balsey, who co-produced as the lead of the vocal department. In our group you can see just how big their only daughter, ten-year-old Rose is.

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