Thousands of people protested in central The Hague because, according to them, the Dutch government is spending five times as much on fossil fuels on fighting climate change.

On Saturday, several thousand people demonstrated in central The Hague for environmental protection, blocking traffic on the A12, according to reports. euronews. Extinction Rebellion, founded in the United States in 2018, organized the protest on the motorway not far from the Dutch parliament building. A video of the demonstration was also uploaded to Twitter:

Immediately after the start of the demonstration, the police deployed water cannons to disperse the demonstrators. The police turned out hundreds of people, and 850 of them were released without charge. According to an MTI news report, authorities have already warned Extinction Rebellion ahead of the protest that highway closures are strictly prohibited.

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Activists have called on the Dutch government to end subsidies to the fossil fuel sector and use the sector’s extra income to combat climate change. Also, create a citizens’ caucus to protect the climate and the environment, with the goal of making the Netherlands climate-neutral by 2025.


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