This is what was planned in Romania.

In Romania, the Ministry of Environment is expected to finalize a draft decision regulating the retrieval of PET bottles next week.

Dancing Minister Brown, the noon politician, said:

According to the ministry’s proposal, a deposit of 50 pans (about 35 Ft) will be charged for most 3-liter PET bottles, regardless of size.

The minister also said that vending machines also accept bottles without caps. However, this cannot be enriched, because according to Tankzos, money will only be paid for plastic bottles manufactured after the filing fee system is introduced. They will be provided with a distinctive tag that will be recognized by the vending machines, he said.

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“This means that it will not be possible for anyone to collect a set of bottles that were previously discarded and recover them,” the minister explained, adding that a bill would be negotiated first to present a scheme for paying deposits in the coalition and then to a government table.

Reach In and Reach: Two sectors will be given government Christmas favors

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It is also possible to confiscate property and violate EU regulations in order for the government to grant concessions to hundreds of billions of companies annually, mobile payments and waste management for their beneficiaries.

More than 42 tons of garbage was extracted from Hungarian waters in February

In addition to inland waters, floods and PET bottles, heavy metal contamination has been a problem for the water.