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Zavic: The opposition is still in the lead, but Fidesz is starting to study its disadvantages

Zavic: The opposition is still in the lead, but Fidesz is starting to study its disadvantages

From October to November, support for Fides increased significantly, by 3 percent (from 34 percent to 37 percent). Second place in the Democratic Alliance (DK), it now stands at 12 percent after 13 percent last year. Although Jobbik is the third strongest party, its camp has been down since September: after 12, 11%, Závecz Research is now 9%.

In addition, the MSZP project stagnated, reaching 6 percent of the total electorate, while momentum managed to increase its camp from 4 percent to 5 percent. Support from four parties, the Liberal Democratic Party, Dialogue, Baladna, and the Bi-Party Dog Party was 2%.

A mid-November poll also found Fidesz with 47 percent and DK second in the safe partisan voter pool, with 19 percent. Jobbik can expect 10 percent of active voters, MSZP 7. Momentum 5%. The paper adds that Al-Hiwar and Baladna 3-3% of the plenipotentiary voter group, the LMP and the Two-Tailed Dog Party are 2% in this round.

The Fides camp expanded from 35 percent to 39 percent, or 300,000 voters, with the highest percentages of those with a primary education and those living in villages at 8 and 9 percentage points, respectively.

The opposition was also able to gain new believers, expanding its camp from 39 to 41 percent in one month, but less than that, about 150 thousand. Their camp is felt in small and medium-sized towns, as well as in the group of graduates and alumni.

The competition between the two lists has also intensified, with the opposition’s advantage shrinking last month from 4 percent to 2 percent.

Thanks to all this, the percentage of voters who have promised to participate in the elections and the number of voters who can vote on the lists is almost balanced: the opposition 49 percent and the ruling party 48 percent.

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