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Zack Snyder chooses a famous actress to star in Star Wars and Laurel Space Opera from The Steel Man

Zack Snyder chooses a famous actress to star in Star Wars and Laurel Space Opera from The Steel Man

Zack Snyder is currently busy building the universe of Netflixes, a zombie action movie brand launched by Army of the Dead, but he’s also fulfilling his other dream, the space opera Rebel Moon, starring himself in Star Wars, Kurosawa Akira’s Samurai and Steel films. The sci-fi movie has reportedly got the protagonist in the character of Sofia Boutella.

a final date He reported learning from certain sources that Zack Snyder has chosen Sofia Boutella for the lead role on Rebel Moon. Reportedly the result of months of casting, which included a major narrowing, followed by rehearsal and audition, this Snyder was regularly drenched in Botella’s performance, so there was no doubt as to who he would choose for the hero role. The dancing actress, who also works as a model, can be known from the films Kingsman, The Mummy, The Atomic Blonde and Nicolas Cage’s movie Madness this year, Prisoners of Ghostland, and has the looks and talent to take on a movie. Space opera moon caliber rebel.

Co-developed by Zort Snyder with Kurt Gunstad (300) and script writers by Snyder, Shay Hatten (Army of the Dead), and Jonstad. According to the story, we walk on the edge of the galaxy in a peaceful colony threatened by the armies of the tyrant Regent Palisarios. The fallen and the oppressed even in The Seven Samurai, as well as in the Rebel Moon, a special warrior is hired, here a young woman is hired to protect them from a tyrant. If everything is correct, he will be played by Sofia Boutella, and, as in the movie Kurosawa, the hero recruits a team in Zack Snyder, only in this story about different planets. Hopefully Boutella’s character will be more successful than the Seven Samurai, although we wouldn’t be surprised by 300 directors on a stifling end.

Recently, by the way, the zombie-free Prequel, The Army of the Dead, The Army of Thieves, and the sequel to the movie also got the official title.

Sofia Boutella in Atomic Blonde (2017)

In the article thumbnail you can see a photo clip from The Steel Man and in the head of the Prisoners of the Ghostland.

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