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Your horoscope for the weekend, November 25-26, 2023.

Your horoscope for the weekend, November 25-26, 2023.

The last weekend of November passed peacefully. And what does this mean for each star sign? This weekend’s horoscope is from astrologer Ágnes Székelyhidi.


You become a yummy person who wants to enjoy the smells, tastes, lights, etc. of Christmas preparations. In this spirit, you can go on a tasting tour or start testing bread.


You will be inspired this weekend and feel like creating and practicing crafts. never back down! But before you make a big mess, take a look at what you need: materials and tools! Then you can read it online. You can also watch a video.


Strange feelings come over you during the last weekend of November. You want to be lazy. You know you need to rest. But in the meantime, don’t leave your work alone. You’d better settle it, otherwise you’ll think about it all the time and won’t be able to relax.

According to the weekend horoscopes, we finally don’t have to rely on disputes and conflicts (Image: Shutterstock)


It’s true that the first candle in the Christmas wreath should only be lit next Sunday, but the shops are already shining in full Christmas glory. This will inspire you to go on an idea-gathering tour. This can be a great relaxation for you.


It is very difficult to stay in the present, just pay attention to the present and enjoy the moment. This is your mission this wonderful weekend. Keep your thoughts under control and pay attention to what you do! You can think of this as a good little exercise…



We guarantee you will feel good about your skin. Everything is provided so that things can move forward without haste, at your own pace, and according to your plans. Of course, you have a specific list of what to do this weekend too.

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This will not discourage you, but it will make you rationalize your spending. Don’t hurt yourself! You’re not the only one walking in these shoes. Before Christmas, almost everyone exaggerates and then despairs about how much they spent…

the scorpion

There is someone who will do their best to notify you and/or deal with you exclusively. Do it! Whatever you think about it, according to the planets, you will be pleasantly disappointed. It turns out you didn’t judge well. This will be both confusing and enlightening…


Your well-being and condition are directly proportional to your mood. If you want to feel good about yourself, do something this weekend. According to heavenly processes, you should start by reforming your eating habits. Don’t wait until Christmas!


This usually promises to be the weekend you always wanted: you can do your work in peace. No one and nothing can shock you. Sure, they’ll try, but after one weak attempt, they’ll give up and you can get on with your business.


According to the planets, someone wants to ask you for a loan, which is embarrassing, because now you don’t care about money either. You don’t like to say no. The solution may be to give less than what he asks for. He thinks he will not return it in the foreseeable future!


You don’t take it well when someone steals your time. Unfortunately, you’ll have to prepare for something like this this weekend. The person is very violent and does not let himself be shaken. But you have to draw your boundaries, because this will never end. You have to accept unpopularity.

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