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Your horoscope for the weekend, June 8-9, 2024: Turns are coming

Your horoscope for the weekend, June 8-9, 2024: Turns are coming

The planets are not indicating the easiest weekend, but it will be varied, that's for sure. Lively and energetic Mars enters calm and predictable Taurus. From now on, everyone's life will change a little…

Aries weekend horoscope

On Saturday, Medard's Day, you can push yourself not to rain, because then – at least according to popular observation – it will rain for 40 days. At the same time, your planet Mars will bring you a far-reaching change, entering Taurus on Sunday and making you (also) more rational.

Aries monthly horoscope

Taurus this weekend

This weekend, Mars, which enters your sign on Sunday, will have an uplifting influence. From now on, you will be more active, enthusiastic and motivated, but at the same time, tension and impatience will also grow in you. You have to pay attention to the latter if you don't want trouble.

Taurus monthly horoscope

Gemini weekend horoscope

The unpleasant angle of light will also arrive on Saturday and Sunday. Saturn pulls you back and advises you to sit and think. It is not worth running forward. According to Cancer, you should choose a water program this weekend. You can replenish faster in water.


Gemini monthly horoscope

Planets point to a stormy weekend (Shutterstock)

Cancer weekend horoscope

The Cancer moon makes you sensitive, but you will be in your element. Use the power of water! Drink, swim, and lick as much as you can this weekend! Hopefully it won't get wet, but that can't be ruled out now. So bring an umbrella, raincoat, and waterproof shoes! It will become clear whether you should use it.

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Cancer monthly horoscope

Leo horoscope at the end of the week

Everything that inspired you can suddenly bring you down. You can thank Mars for this, which is now entering Taurus, which will change the signs on Sunday and will not exclude you from now on. He asks when will you start implementing your plans? It would be wise not to waste time…

Leo monthly horoscope

Virgo weekend horoscope

This is the weekend you keep talking about and dreaming about with your friends. You don't have to wait any longer, because this is a great opportunity. Call and/or invite them! It's okay if not everyone can attend. This may even be the beginning of the tradition.

Virgo monthly horoscope

Libra weekend horoscope

Sometimes things go smoothly, and sometimes obstacles stand in your way. Do you define the first as luck and the second as bad luck? The nature of life is its ebbs and flows, which is what you will definitely experience this weekend…

Libra monthly horoscope

Scorpio this weekend

You see others and yourself in slow motion. It would be nice to notice from the side with delicious coffee or aromatic fruit tea how anxious and running people are while you can remain calm. Do not under any circumstances imitate them, but take the experience into your own hands!

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Scorpio monthly horoscope

Sagittarius weekend horoscope

What to do if your family doesn't like your partner? Which side are you on? Was it similar before? Did it end well or badly? You should apply the experience you gained there this weekend. Even if the lineup is a little different!

Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Capricorn weekend horoscope

It is great heavenly news for you that Mars enters Taurus on Sunday, and with ideas and creativity it will help you find a way out of issues that have seemed hopeless until now. In addition, you should relax: exercise, take long walks, and garden as you like!

Capricorn monthly horoscope

Aquarius weekend horoscope

You are not happy with Mars entering Taurus on Sunday. It is true that it can lead to breaking the ice, but unfortunately also conflicts within the family. Everyone may expect you to have the last word. Be careful and do not rush to answer!

Aquarius monthly horoscope

Pisces on the weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, there will be such an unharmonious angle of light in the sky that you may disturb your relatives. but why? You know them, and you know what they keep tripping over and/or annoying you with. Now don't let them disturb your weekend peace!

Pisces monthly horoscope

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