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Your horoscope for the weekend, February 10-11, 2024: emotional days

Your horoscope for the weekend, February 10-11, 2024: emotional days

The weekend promises to be very emotional according to the planets. Valentine's Day hasn't come yet. But why not start celebrating love this weekend?

Aries weekend horoscope

This promises to be a rainy weekend. You can expect not only rain, but tears as well. Affection and weakness are not your thing, although you can tolerate them now. Try! It's not cool to have feelings..

Aries yearly horoscope 2024

Taurus this weekend

According to an unpleasant angle of light, an unpleasant conflict may arise on Saturday. If you manage to avoid this, harmony will be restored by Sunday. It will be easy for you if you do not lose sight of the goal of maintaining peace.

Taurus annual horoscope 2024

Gemini weekend horoscope

Saturday's new moon in Aquarius will have a good effect on you. You look at old things from a new perspective, and gradually look into the increasingly distant future. This weekend is ripe for something like that, but in the meantime you have to enjoy the present…


Gemini yearly horoscope 2024

The planets indicate an emotional weekend (Shutterstock)

Cancer weekend horoscope

You are doing a good job of boosting your optimism this weekend. Imagine a huge control panel with lots of buttons! Turn the optimism switch to maximum! From now on, you see everything in a better, more joyful light…

Cancer yearly horoscope 2024

Leo horoscope at the end of the week

Don't get involved in any arguments on Saturday! If you succeed, allow yourself some relaxation. According to the Pisces Moon, the power of water recharges you. That's why go to the bathroom or take a scented bath! You can use essential oils and flower petals…

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Leo annual horoscope 2024

Virgo weekend horoscope

February is the month of love because of Valentine's Day. If you have a partner, you can even start celebrating this weekend. It's better to pamper each other. If you don't have a partner yet, be alert and open, because there might be someone nearby!

Virgo yearly horoscope 2024

Libra weekend horoscope

This weekend has a surprise in store. Question: How much do you like surprises? Of course, it doesn't matter who wants to surprise you, whether it's a gift, or whether fate will test your resilience again. Be curious and you will enjoy it!

Libra yearly horoscope 2024

Scorpio this weekend

The inharmonious light angle of Mercury and Jupiter on Saturday will have a depressing effect on you on Saturday, but fortunately there will be no trace of it by Sunday. It is recommended to organize a water program: water has a good effect on your body and soul…

Scorpio yearly horoscope 2024

Sagittarius weekend horoscope

It's good to know that your Saturday has not yet arrived, but Sunday already promises to be harmonious. You should organize a family program for the last day of the week. You don't need any excuse for this, such as birthday, name day, anniversary, etc.

Sagittarius yearly horoscope 2024

Capricorn weekend horoscope

You don't have to count money all weekend, but give yourself time to think about your finances! Planets help replace anxiety with serenity. You are the merrily The word means that you see the present and future in a better light.

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Capricorn yearly horoscope 2024

Aquarius on the weekend

Depending on the tense angle of light of Mercury and Jupiter on Saturday, they don't understand what you're saying. Speak more slowly, or you won't want to say what you're going to say on Saturday! On Sunday, the tension and opportunity for misunderstanding will end. Make a decision with this in mind!

Aquarius yearly horoscope 2024

Pisces on the weekend

Still suffering from the fatigue of the week on Saturday. You need to rest if you don't want to get sick. Sunday will be your day. You're a little lost, you're wandering. That's good now. Do you know when you're actually meditating?

Pisces yearly horoscope 2024

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