Your horoscope for the week of January 28-29, 2023.

It’s worth slowing down a bit now and focusing on our real needs for the next couple of days. Follows your weekend horoscope for each zodiac sign.


The planets show heaviness in the last weekend of January. You won’t mind slowing down. You can have a lazy weekend when you are not anywhere, you are in no rush for time. Allow yourself to relax and recharge! This is how it will pass next week.


This will be your weekend. Taurus brings out the gourmet and undertaker in you. Both reveal good taste and commitment to quality. You are incredibly good at this. So look for new recipes and try, for example, the Carnival Donut, which is relevant right now!


You’ll need an empty flight the last weekend of January. You will have to organize your thoughts and plans. This does not work when there is noise around you and everyone is talking to you. Make it so that there are a few hours when you are alone!


It’s carnival season. If your friends and colleagues invite you to a party or carnival event, definitely go! Don’t worry about your clothes! According to the positions of the planets on the weekend, it is enough to take off your old clothes and hats, and you will immediately get funny ideas. And if you are in a good mood, you will immediately become very attractive.

Your horoscope for the week of January 28-29. (photo: shutterstock)


Someone is going to be very angry this weekend. You don’t have to, but it will hurt you more. Because the person’s voice is so loud, their nervousness may be transmitted to you. Come on or tell him! You don’t have to put up with “environmental polluter” behavior.

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You really like weekends like this: everything goes according to your plans. You don’t have to rush, and no one and nothing will let you down. This calms you down, and you finally have time for something you haven’t had time for, not just during the week, but for weeks. Now you can bother yourself a bit…


You will need crazy self-discipline so as not to buy all sorts of things at the winter sale, neither in the store nor in the online store. According to Heavenly Operations, you’re going to put a dent in your budget if you want to “spend” on something like this. Distract yourself and tidy up your closets instead!

the scorpion

Don’t look at the calendar and wait for May! Love can really find you this weekend. There will be wonderful love constellations in the sky. If you have a partner, it is him, if you don’t have one yet, someone new will make your heart beat…


You may worry that something is wrong with you. However, the planets just show that you need to take a break. The weekend is all about resting, recharging and gathering strength. In other words, all you have to do now is rest, recharge, and recharge for next week’s challenges…


Finally a proper weekend. According to the celestial processes, you look forward to stress-free days. Now you don’t have to rush, which will have a good effect on your digestive system. Eat slowly and chew well. You know very well that this aids digestion.

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You won’t want to leave the house this weekend. Not because you are disgusted with people, but because now you want to be able to sit in a soft armchair with hot chocolate or mulled wine in front of a good movie. This allows you to call a friend more than …


The last weekend of January has plenty of cultural programming in store for you. There are many experiences awaiting you when you attend. Among them is also the opportunity to increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons. Well, find this one and go!

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