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Your horoscope for the week of August 26-27, 2023.

Your horoscope for the week of August 26-27, 2023.

Serious changes took place this week with the change of the sun’s constellations, and the fluctuations have not ended yet, because Mars also changes the constellations on Sunday and continues its journey in the sign of Libra. Your horoscope for this weekend is from astrologer Ágnes Székelyhidi.


The last weekend of August will be exciting for you because your planet Mars will move into Libra on Sunday. From now on, your relationship with people will change. You become more tolerant, which can relieve the tension in the air…


Unpleasant planetary positions at the weekend indicate unpleasant tension with your children and/or friends. It won’t be easy to keep your cool. They will do everything to get you out of peace tolerance. Don’t miss it!


Many changes happen this weekend according to celestial processes (Image: Shutterstock)


This is the weekend you might legitimately hate because it puts you face to face with something that’s been haunting you for a while. Since heavenly operations are frustrating, it would be best not to make this particular decision right now! You can postpone it or even wait several days…


The Moon and Mars both indicate that more people want to have a say in your life. They know best what you need. If you want good things, thank them for their advice and ask them to let you go your own way at your own pace!


Children and/or childish attitudes can be costly. 3 unpleasant horoscopes also warn you not to give up, because you may end up in the red. This danger has been hovering over your head for several days, but now the most dangerous…


You feel that no one loves you and no one understands you. The opposition of the Sun and Saturn on Sunday makes you vulnerable to insult and expression in an unpleasant way, which can lead to separation. This is by no means a good trend.


No matter what anyone says, you can stand up for yourself if you have to. This is evidenced by the fact that at the end of the last week of August, Mars enters the sign of Libra and will excite and excite you. But be careful not to throw it on the other side of the horse and hurt someone!

the scorpion

You’d be pathetic if you were expecting thanks. By now you must have realized that this is useless and leads to a lot of disappointment. Many Ugly Planets websites also indicate this. So don’t be surprised! Focus on yourself and your own needs!


Do not under any circumstances act as a punching bag! This weekend holds a trap that will make you tempted to play the “culprit” role to avoid further problems. Although that doesn’t get you any closer to the solution.


You have to be very careful with the traffic during the last weekend of August. There will be very difficult constellations in the sky, which will not make your task any easier. Fortunately, there will be useful lighting angles on Saturday and Sunday.


And the operations were going on throughout the week, even the week before, depending on how serious or you have to take the money seriously. The planets will “harden” this weekend. It would be better if you hadn’t decided on financial matters now…


You’ve been trying to take care of the fragile peace for weeks, but no one is making your task any easier. In fact, it is as if they are deliberately provoking you and testing your goodwill. The August weekend could be the low point of this process…

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