Young scientists meet in Szczard

The closing program of the 36th National Student Scientific Conference, which is the largest scientific program series in Hungarian higher education, started at the ceremony held in the auditorium. This is the conclusion of the three-day event, which started in Gyor at the beginning of the month and was held in 13 universities in 10 cities.

doctor. He was received by Joseph Bodis, President of the Universitas Quinqueecclesiensis. Citing his personal recollections, he said – fifty years ago he became secretary of the scientific department for students at the Medical University of Pécs – how he was “blown away by the winds of science”, the great scientist who has held him captive ever since. As a loyal supporter of the student science circles, he encouraged his young students to choose this path as well.

For three days, the Tolna County Center will become the talent development capital for teacher training. In the department, from early childhood learning to early school pedagogy, healthy lifestyles, arts and music pedagogy, tradition preservation, play and leisure time, environmental education, and media science, about drama and experiential pedagogy.

However, in the midst of serious competition, there will also be more fun events, so that young people see this meeting not only as an opportunity to compete, but also as a forum for building relationships and making friends. It is also served by cultural programs, exhibitions, literary tours in the city, and many sporting events that await the participants in the Talent Festival.

We will be reporting more soon.

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