Young people need a place to relax together

Young people need a place to relax and talk together, even while one of them is broke for the clock or waiting for the bus – and this idea gave birth to Ifi Point, which Szentes Cultural Centre formed in one of the rooms.

Photographer: Attila Majzak

In addition to table tennis tables, foosball, and beanbags, the newly turned over club room also contained basic kitchen utensils and toys, and the sofa that lit up the room was presented to the children by Janos Varga and his wife, Pusztai edit. The room is equipped with a local government grant of 1 million HUF, which also covers a three-day community building camp for members of the student government.

As Mayor Zoltan Szabo explained at the handover, the city’s goal is to focus increasingly on young people.

– Our aim is not just to put a check mark next to our youth concept, we take it very seriously to meet the needs of youth

– assured the mayor. Part of the process, he added, is to identify the opinions of high school students and create a round table to support youth and youth.

Students can also have a say in the appearance of the hall, as we learned from Alíz Martók, president of the Szentesi Student Union, which brings together student governments in Szentesi secondary schools.

Alize Martoc said.

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