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Young Drejver Bertold finished eighth in the points race for the track bike

Young Drejver Bertold finished eighth in the points race for the track bike

With mature racing, Drijver Berthold finished eighth in the points race on the closing day of track racing at the World Cycling Championships in Glasgow on Wednesday.

Drijver, who ranked fourth in this number in the under-23 continental competition in mid-July, will celebrate his twentieth birthday next Saturday.

Over the course of 160 laps (40 km), it was possible to score 5, 3, 2 and 1 point in 16 sprints – the final race had double points – and a lap advantage was worth 20 points, while a lap disadvantage resulted in a 20-point deduction. Drejver was involved in a failed escape attempt to cover a third of the distance, but he only worked intelligently until the opportunity arose to move away from the field. A short time later, he entered a breakaway again, during which he was able to develop a lap advantage midway through the race. He chose with great sense a start that he tried to keep together, so after twenty laps he gained a lap advantage with another group, and almost immediately in another successful escape gained him twenty points.

He distributed his power well along the way, collecting 60 points, finishing eighth among 24 starters. The gold medal went to New Zealand’s Aaron Gate.

man Bike Track, Points Race:
World Champion: Aaron Jett (New Zealand) 123 points
2. Albert Torres Barcelo (Spain) 107
3- Fabio van den Bosch (Belgium) 95
…8. Driver Bertold 60

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