You won't know why ITM announced that there will be a truck stop this weekend

You won’t know why ITM announced that there will be a truck stop this weekend

As a rule, truck stops are valid from 22:00 on Saturday until 22:00 on Sunday and during the same period on public holidays. Under a new provision, the Minister of Transport may extend the restriction for a maximum of two days. The Environmental and road safety objectives Thus, the positive effects of this procedure can last for a longer period, writes the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

ITM emphasizes the road safety aspects of the move: “By removing most security measures, many people will be able to visit a relative by car or bus on a long weekend trip,” ITM writes. Because of the truck stop, fewer trucks will be traveling throughout the four days. With less traffic, it will be easier and faster to get there, and the risk of accidents on internal roads will be reduced.

ITM does not state in its interpretation that it expects to solve problems in the fuel supply by the fact that the demand for fuel for large vehicles will drop significantly for 4 days, although last night’s government information clearly justified the move. However, it is very likely that the start-up of the truck stop will not happen just for the sake of this four-day weekend.

From restriction according to the general rules Vehicles carrying, among other things, live animals and perishable food or fuel and fuel are also exempted. Truck stop It does not apply to humanitarian shipments, Thus, it does not hinder or delay the delivery of collected donations to refugees from Ukraine.

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