You won’t guess what food is being served III. At the coronation of Charles

We have already reported that May 6 will be the third. Charles’s coronation in the UK, where the king and queen have already chosen the official food – Is written on the Mindmeget page.

Third. Karoli is a fan of pasta dishesSource: AFP / Alessandro Bianchi

And the dish chosen was none other than the coronation quiche, that is, the coronation pie, which is likely to be prepared and eaten by many people on the weekend of May 6th.

A recipe for a really crumbly and appetizing dish shared Also with strange topics on the official website of the royal family. The only catch is that the quiche is a French dish — but the filling at least contains cheddar, that is, British cheese.

King Charles seems to have ignored past historical enmity when he chose this dish with Mark Flanagin, the royal chef.

Delicious quicheSource:

In 1953, ii. On the occasion of Elizabeth’s coronation, curry chicken was on the table. True, this was not 100% British either, but since India is a member of the British Commonwealth, this decision caused only a slight stir from the subjects than the third. Charles Coronation Pie. Quiche ingredients and how to make it He ate everything on his side you found it

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