Németh Kristóf elképesztően kigyúrta magát

You won’t even know Christophe Nemeth!

Perhaps they were completely surprised by those who hadn’t seen her in a while Christoph NemethBecause the actor kneaded himself right, as he’s been training regularly for a while. Among other things, this was revealed on the morning show of Life TV, where Christoph Nemeth and his former college classmate were Steve HajdyAnd a previous author of nlc, Holdampf Lindvall Talk. The actor also gave a gift to the presenters, Linda received flowers, but Steve gave him a golf ball, because, as it turned out, both are fans of elegant sports, and even Christoph Nemeth is the ambassador of one of the Hungarian golf clubs.

The actor revealed on the show that he started training regularly during the pandemic, and the results are clear today. Németh, however, does not sit at home, but works almost always, for example, listed as godmother But she is also preparing for her first improvisation evening, which will be held with comedian Giorgi Orouz.

Christoph Nemeth and Laszlo Zaksvay in RTL Klub Keresztanyu series (Image: SMAG)

However, one of the highlights of the morning talk show was undoubtedly when the actor revealed the first words of his young son Levi. While for other children, this usually remains on the subject of mum and dad, Christoph Nemeth He was surprised when he found out that Ibn Levi said first,Janus Galvolgi“.

The proud father immediately called his well-known colleague to tell him the fun news.

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