You Won't Believe What These Dreams Mean: Dream Interpretation, Part Two

You Won’t Believe What These Dreams Mean: Dream Interpretation, Part Two

A dream psychologist tells 100 typical dreams that “dreams don’t happen to us, we make them happen.” In other words, we are the directors, stars, and producers of all the movies that go through our heads after we sleep. That is why we have collected the 10 most typical dreams / nightmares, which will be the second part of our article.

6. The Journey

Dream: Whether you are flying alone, freely, or flying in an airplane, your head, that is, your mind, is literally in the clouds.

what do you mean: In your dreams, perhaps just as you have gone through a great obstacle, in the same way that you may have faced difficulties in your life. However, in your dream, if you are flying, you can feel free and open to making decisions.

What you need to do: This is the best time to seize a certain opportunity in front of you.

7. Autumn

The dream: you get off the sidewalk and fall down big – either you jump off a cliff, or you fall backwards from a chair. Either way, you usually wake up as soon as you hit the ground.

What they mean: Although the feelings may seem similar, they are actually two types of dreams, according to the researcher.

Small falls occur in our sleep when we drift off to sleep and the last small twitch (called myoclonic twitch) occurs after our muscles have completely relaxed. The second most dramatic fall occurs when we are already in a deep sleep. This dream often reflects a failure in your life or the realization that you cannot control the situation.

What you should do: Whatever type of fall you feel in your dream, stress is the cause. According to the American Psychological Association, 60-90% of falls are stress-related or stress-related symptoms. So relax. Do something you enjoy, spend time with your friends, and relax more. According to a 2012 study by the University of Georgia, people who exercise regularly have 20% less anxiety than those who don’t. Maybe it’s time to identify what’s stressing you out and work on solving the problem.

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8. A runaway car

The dream: you are driving on a road, you apply the brakes, you turn the steering wheel, but you are still unable to control the car. It’s a terrible feeling.

What does it mean: Vehicles in dreams represent the ability to move towards a goal or destination. And if the car gets out of hand, your life probably won’t be the same. You are afraid of control.

What you should do: According to research, overthinking and digging deeper into the problem only makes the situation worse. MRI studies show that every time we do something about something, such as anxiety, it creates new brain cells in the future for that specific purpose.

Don’t let anxiety cells control your mind. Appreciate the small details and work with them more and learn how to stop fighting in cases where you have no influence on things.

Two Minutes of Science: How can everyone remember a certain thing differently and none of them lie?

Two Minutes of Science: How can everyone remember a certain thing differently and none of them lie?

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9. An unknown void in the known

The dream: You are walking into a house that you probably grew up in. Normally, you would know every inch of this place, but you find yourself in front of a door you’ve never seen before. Behind him is an empty room.

What does it mean: the house is the most common symbol in dreams. In fact, it represents us, and each room reflects a different aspect of our personality (sociability, strength, sexual prowess). When we find an empty room, we can discover an aspect of our personality that often stifles us. It could be an untapped talent or passion. The larger the room, the greater the opportunity to fully exploit your potential and potential.

What you should do: If you dream about this a lot, it should open doors for you in your real life. First of all, you need to define them, what opportunity do you want, and which you should use according to your subconscious mind.

10. Delay

The dream: you thought you had plenty of time to get there for a meeting or a date. But in your dream you have to cross the city within 15 minutes and everything bad happens. Series of congestion, closures, diversions, and obstacles.

What it means: Whatever you are racing for in your subconscious mind is a true goal or milestone. You likely have an actual deadline coming up, or maybe hitting a goal you set for yourself is just flying in front of your eyes, which is weighing you down.

What you need to do: Ask yourself: In the waking world, did you do everything in your power to achieve your goal? Or there may be changes that have distracted you from your original life goals. It’s time to work. Once you start to focus, time will also be under your control. A Chinese study found that people who write down, share, and analyze their goals are 33% more successful at achieving them than those who don’t.

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