A Netflix beszáll a gamingbe? bevezetőkép

You won’t be able to see the most popular content on Netflix yet in 2021

Spoiler: Not the superhero Melissa McCarthy movie.

Plenty of series and movies have been available on Netflix since January 1, with the streaming provider pouring content at an amazing pace.

This is where Kornél Mundruczó debuted a piece of a woman, starring John David Washington and Zendaya, Malcolm and Mary, Outside the Wire with Anthony Mackie, as well as series like Doom: The Winx Saga, Shadow and Bone, and The Legacy of Jupiter.

It might come as a surprise, but most of all this has proven to be content that was not produced by Netflix but bought: it was recorded by duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Spiderman: Head to the Poker Series, The LEGO Adventure, Jump Street Movies). Mitchell Against Machines It is a family animated movie called Fascinating Recreation for young and old, and it’s unbreakable from the top 10 viewership list since its release on April 30th.

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t shared anything specific about how many people have viewed the work in the past month.

I was overwhelmed by the spoiler thing mentioned in the introduction, because Mitchell is really against Melissa McCarthy’s superhero against the machines, The strike team (Thunder Force) was in the lead for a while after its April 9 premiere, but had no chance against the cartoon family.

In any case, Mitchell needs to tie the bottom up as well, as there will be two bigger competitors for the rest of the year, such as Red Notice, Starring Ranger (Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot), Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness or Season Two of Butter.

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