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You will spend a lot more on tires if you have a car like this

You will spend a lot more on tires if you have a car like this

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EV owners are warning of the “astronomical” costs associated with regularly replacing short-lived tires.

The problem has now been brought to the attention of a British man, Jim Bassett It has only covered 12,000 km With his new Volkswagen ID.3, when it turned out that its rear tires actually needed to be replaced.

Many owners are not aware of the problem

The guy at the service center discovered that a common problem with rear-wheel drive electric cars is this Tires wear out sooner. This is primarily due to the fact that electric cars weigh more than conventional cars.

Due to its heavy batteries, the car weighs about 1,800 kilograms, which is the same weight as a Jeep Wrangler 4×4.

“I'm old, I've owned cars all my life, but I've never had to change a tire this early. I was surprised because in my experience after driving 12,000 km The tires are almost new“- expressed his astonishment at the 80-year-old man, who took his car to another tire service center, but was also told there that both rear tires It needs to be replaced.

Electric car owners can be frequent guests at tire repair shopsblackcat/Getty Images Hungary

In fact, since then It turns out that the front tires also needed to be replaced, so they didn't last longer than the rear tires either. And he's not the only one who has taken a cold shower due to the short life of electric car tires. Many car owners have reported similar experiences online.

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This is why electric car tires wear out faster

Increased load and wear on electric vehicle tires The result of more weight and more torque. According to British approach safety organization Tyresafe, the combination of higher power and greater mass of heavier vehicles means that when a driver accelerates at a rapid pace, The tires are under tremendous pressure.

They struggle to hold on to the road and not spin.

Therefore, manufacturers often advise drivers to extend the life of their tires Take care of the gas. Volkswagen also stated that driving style is a major factor affecting tire wear. “The most important factor is the way you drive the car,” the manufacturer noted. “Sudden turns, braking and acceleration, for example, can cause more wear than gentle driving.”

According to the report, the degree of wear is also determined by the type and temperature of the road surface, as well Tire pressure also affects itAs well as the load carried by the car.

Higher torque and power combined with higher weight results in faster tire wear

Higher torque and power combined with higher weight results in faster tire wearToa55/Getty Images Hungary

The difference can be up to 50 percent

Tire manufacturer Michelin has estimated that conventional tires wear about 20 percent faster on electric cars, while Goodyear estimated the difference at 50 percent.

Research conducted by technology company Epyx last year found that electric car tires exist They wear out before 10,000 km. As for electric cars, when changing tires for the first time

This is done after driving an average of 28.9 thousand kilometers, and by that time we can talk about 39.1 thousand kilometers for gasoline and diesel cars – read the data.

Meanwhile, tire manufacturers are constantly developing products that may be more suitable for driving with heavier electric vehicles, but are intended for their owners. You may incur higher costs.

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Regardless of the issues, EV owners usually don't regret their decision: More than 90 percent said they would never return to traditional petrol or diesel cars.

The greater weight of electric cars can also pose a traffic safety risk. About this You can read here in more detail.

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