You will not receive any further updates from Artifact

You will not receive any further updates from Artifact

Both the original version and the 2.0 version can be played for free from now on, but neither version was developed by the creators.

After many years, Valve introduced us to a brand new program in 2018 the tool However, despite the unique and special solutions in the card game (which happens in the DOTA world anyway), fans were not really interested in the game in the long run, and this was partly because the full version came out as a paid app. Over time, the game’s makers have also switched over, announcing a version of 2.0, which would have included major revisions, including a single player campaign. Unfortunately, the past tense is not an accident, because we got it the other day The official announcementThey will be completely discontinued development, will not receive any further updates in the base version, and will not continue to work on the revised version.

Contemporary release trailer for the base game

If you want to see how Valve was, it might be good news that we can get and run the basic version (called Classic) and the current beta version of version 2.0 (called Foundry) for free, just visit Steams data sheet for the game.

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