You will laugh at the category of games that Xbox Game Pass has got

Xbox Game Pass is generally seen as the video game equivalent of Netflix, where you can play as many games as you want for a monthly fee. Like many other streaming services, Game Pass likes to recommend titles based on various criteria. Some recommendations are generated by the algorithm, but there are categories compiled by fellow Game Pass.

Now a weird, quirky category has been created for gamers who really care about their legs in gaming.

Someone posted on Reddit that Game Pass has launched a weird new category of games. The category is called We Ask You to See Our Legs, and according to the listing description, it covers games where you can see your character’s legs. And indeed: there are two types of games. Where you can see the character’s legs in the FPS view, and where for some reason you can’t. Well, this list only includes games where the creators made sure all legs were in place.

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The category includes games like Battlefield 2042, Dishonored 1 and 2, or Doom Eternal. FPS games don’t always show the main character’s legs, and that’s because most players don’t bother looking down far enough to see if the character has legs. If they’re not looking there anyway, why not?

Sure, there is a group of players for whom it is important for characters to have legs. So this class helps with that. finally!

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