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You will also be able to post to Instagram from a browser

You will also be able to post to Instagram from a browser

Public testing of the feature that many have been waiting for began a decade ago.

After a number of signs of it, Instagram confirmedThat at some point in the not-too-distant future, it will also offer the ability to share images from the browser interface. Currently, users can only view their video stream on this, plus they can use the live chat service for a while.

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According to the company, the very simple reason for introducing the feature is that many people use Instagram from a browser in addition to the mobile app, so they want to improve their user experience. Instagram has been a new wave social network designed for mobile use since the beginning, with a browser interface with very limited functionality that until now was little more than an almost completed afterthought.

In the browser interface, of course, it will be possible to crop images to different scales, adjust their parameters such as contrast and color temperature, and, of course, basic filters will also be available.

The publishing option in the browser is currently in public beta and it is not clear when it might become available to all users.

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