You were walking past Zoltan Jakob on the street 11 years ago

The next Big One painted very differently at the time.

Zoltan Jacob His name has been circulating a lot these days, ever since he was chosen He is great For the upcoming bachelor in matchmaking offer. Hungary’s 37th richest man has mentioned several times about the type of girl he’d be looking for on the show, spoiler: according to him, he sees beauty in everyone, but if someone is self-supporting, he’s not likable.

The billionaire businessman has popped up so often these days that his face has been burned into the public consciousness for life, but 11 years ago he looked so different that looking at his photos, we can’t believe we’re seeing the same person. With thin metal-rimmed glasses and no beard, he looks like a completely new person on camera, and he also wore his hairdo very differently at the time, giving him a completely different look.

Given his current image, we are confronted by a much more distinguished man, to which the frame of fashionable black glasses, his facial hair and his coiffure contribute greatly.

By the way, the old photo Barbara Lieber Taken at the 2012 Couture Fashion Show, where designer W Nelly combedJacob is pictured with

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