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You only have so many years left to drink coffee according to science

You only have so many years left to drink coffee according to science

Most people are such huge coffee lovers that they can’t even imagine their morning or even their whole life without coffee. It is terrible even to think that one day the moment will come when we have to say goodbye to this divine juice, which not only makes you energized and spoils you with its majestic taste, but also has a socially cohesive force, because how unforgettable are those moments when we sit With family with friends for a good coffee? Unfortunately, we don’t have good news, because climate change will soon affect our calculations.

We only got 27 years old

Latin America is known to be a stronghold of coffee cultivation, and is home to five of the ten largest producing regions in the world. Brazil and Colombia lead the way when it comes to quality coffee beans, but there is also significant production in Africa, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. The demand for coffee beans is constantly increasing, but unfortunately to no avail, because coffee may disappear from the shelves by 2050 due to climate change.

becomes unsustainable

According to the Irish charity Fairtrade Ireland, coffee beans, cocoa and other foods are grown in warmer climates. It may become a rare and expensive luxury good in the next 30 years due to extreme weather conditions. Farmers are already suffering, and it is estimated that by 2050, up to half of the world’s coffee-growing land could be unusable due to floods, droughts and rising temperatures.

You can already feel that there is a big problem

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Peter Gaynor, Managing Director, Fairtrade Ireland, said: “Coffee bean farmers are facing serious challenges due to a number of extreme weather events, for example in Kenya and East Africa, where there is currently a record level of drought.” Kenyan producers can also confirm this: 93% of them are already feeling the effects of climate change. Of course, not only they, but people living all over the world are suffering from the consequences of climate change one way or another, so the times when humanity could bury its head in the sand are effectively over.

Water-related disasters claim many lives and cause millions of dollars in losses due to climate change

Water-related disasters claim many lives and cause millions of dollars in losses due to climate change

Yesterday was summer and today is autumn?

Just think of the situation in Hungary: when a few days ago the thermometer showed 37 degrees, then the temperature dropped so much that the human body could hardly keep up. It is not healthy when the temperature gets 15 degrees colder in a matter of daysAnd if we take the winter period, or even the seasons, the weather cannot be called “normal” in those cases either.

A future without coffee

A study finds that the climate crisis could soon disrupt European coffee and chocolate supplies as producing countries face drought. Unfortunately, this means that we will have to give up not only coffee, but also our favorite chocolate. A third of the world’s coffee is consumed by Europeans, and half of that comes from Brazil and Vietnam, two countries particularly vulnerable to drought due to global warming.

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It affects us too

Although we are far from these areas, Ertuğ Ersin, lead researcher, points out that the consequences of climate change affect us in the same way: “The study is evidence of how globally we are connected through trade, and how climate disasters beyond our borders can directly affect our lives.” The specialist also stresses that these changes will greatly affect our society and economy. “We can no longer ignore it” – Add.


Learn more about climate change so you can fight it:


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