You no longer need these Windows apps, they can be dangerous

If you find these programs on your computer, delete them immediately, because they only slow down your computer and can pose a security risk!

It’s really easy to lose track of what exactly, but most important of all, is how much software is installed under your Windows system. Of course, it’s easy to review what you install as you reinstall the system, but as the years go by, the number of programs on your computer keeps increasing even if you no longer need them.

These definitely have a bad effect on your computer, the only question is whether the problem is small or big. At best, they only take up valuable storage space, at worst, they hide your computer and slow Windows startup, and the situation can be considered critical if they spy on you without your knowledge, use your resources for encryption or even let viruses in. We show you some programs that you can delete immediately if you see them on your Windows system.

Adobe Flash Player, Shockware Player and Silverlight

It would have been impossible to exist without it – almost every website and service has used it. However, they found a lot of security holes in it, which were never fixed. Browsers now block such plug-ins, and it is best to get rid of them immediately. Silverlight was an attempt by Microsoft – but it’s a thing of the past, just as if you don’t keep it on your computer.

If anything tells you to install Silverlight, be suspicious – it could easily be malware trying to trick you


Although there are still 1-2 services and programs on the web that require this environment, during average use, it must happen to be a very big coincidence because you need it. In the past, Java opened serious security holes on computers, but today, fortunately, this is no longer true, but Chrome and Firefox do not support it either. If you are a software developer, you already know how to use it, otherwise you can safely get rid of this software.

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There is no need for an old and weak player on Windows - there is, for example, VLC instead
There is no need for an old and weak player on Windows – there is, for example, VLC instead

quick time

Apple’s launcher software, which still works on macOS, but the Windows client hasn’t been updated since 2016, so it could be considered dead. It should be eliminated immediately only because Trend Micro engineers discovered many security holes in it, which they documented and published. This is not necessary for iTunes, and if you need a video player, use VLC.

Unwanted ads, untrusted developer, hidden cryptocurrency mining routine - look for other downloaders
Unwanted ads, untrusted developer, hidden cryptocurrency mining routine – look for other downloaders


A popular torrent client that is still used by many people today – but dangerous. We don’t necessarily mean ad-enriched user interface here, but unreliability: for example, in 2015 it was proven that cryptocurrency was secretly mined on clients’ machines. If you want to torrent, there is qBittorrent, which is the best in every way.

Toolbars, browser add-ons, manufacturer software

On laptops with Windows installed, it’s common for manufacturers to load the system with software they consider useful. However, most of them are completely unnecessary and usually have a bad effect on the performance of the device. Look through these and get rid of them, and if you’re dealing with an older device, delete your browser’s built-in plug-ins and toolbars – they’re all useless and even harmful.

If you are not sure what can be deleted, use an extension Should I remove it? service, or ask us about our helpline service on the PC World Plus/Max interface.

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