You don’t necessarily have to travel left and right

Immunologist: You don’t necessarily have to travel left and right

The Russian Sputnik vaccine failed to gain approval from the European Medicines Agency, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said at a press conference at the European Union summit in Brussels on Friday. According to this, those who have received this vaccine will not receive a passport for the planned EU vaccine. However, the efficacy of the vaccine is still not in question and the immunologist says this is the most important now. Meanwhile, the Australian city of Sydney has been completely shut down due to the delta virus variant. The global epidemiological situation has deteriorated over the past 24 hours. ATV News Report.

“Sputnik, Novavax, Moderna and Pfizer” – the most effective vaccines are listed by immunologist Julianna Lisziewicz. The Italian Prime Minister said at the European Union summit in Brussels, according to the expert, that the results of these vaccines were confirmed by international studies, but the Russian vaccine had not been approved by the European Medicines Agency. In other words, the travel of Hungarians vaccinated with Sputnik in the European Union is still in question. At the request of our newsletter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade stated that an investigation into the Sputnik license is being conducted by both the European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization, and that the importance of bilateral negotiations on mutual recognition of protection certificates was emphasized.

“I think the most important thing is protection and not necessarily left and right travel, because this delta variant, which originally originated in India and is now reported by more than 90 countries, is devastating,” said Giuliana Lesewicz.

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Because of the delta variable, strict measures have been introduced in the Australian capital. Sydney, which has a population of more than 5 million, has been on lockdown for two weeks after more than 80 people tested positive for coronavirus this week. All cases can be attributed to one of the taxi drivers working at the airport, who likely contracted the disease from the crew of a foreign flight.

“If there is a drastic change of direction in seven days, then obviously we will reassess the situation, but at this point, the best decision is to keep the two-week period, which runs until midnight on Friday 9 July. This is necessary for the sake of the Australian state,” said the Australian state chief Most populous: “Ensuring that the goal of zero community transmission, which has always been our goal since the beginning of the epidemic, is achieved.”

“Australians are already facing this serious wave of epidemics right now. On the one hand, because they have this type of virus that is very prevalent, but it is not the main cause, but because Australia now has late autumn and early winter, so they now have respiratory disease season,” Virologist Miklos Rosvay said in our newsletter.

In the meantime, more easing can be expected in Hungary. Soon, neither in malls nor in public transport vehicles, you will have to wear a mask, regardless of your security card.

“In my opinion, the vaccination rate of 50-55% is too low, and I will keep the obligation to wear the mask indoors even when vaccinated at 80%,” said Rosvay.

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The new virus variant called Delta has also been identified in Hungary, but it seems there is no need to fear its spread in Hungary at the moment. However, in the UK, this variant causes more than 80% of recent infections.

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