You decide the shape of the cloud that decorated the sky of Turkey that day!

A strange UFO-like cloud has formed over a Turkish city – At least a very respectable part of the press reported the news of the majestic celestial phenomenon, which the inhabitants of Bursa witnessed last week, with similar titles.

Terrifying, exciting, and impressive (the appropriate adjective is a matter of personal preference), the celestial phenomenon is well known in meteorology. It is called a lenticular or lenticular cloud and is particularly common in areas where mountain ranges meet flat areas.

the lenticular altocumulus A rare phenomenon by default, but this specimen is made even more spectacular by the sunset, so it’s no wonder that videos and photos of it quickly spread around the world wide web.

You can also watch it on video here:

It is a fact that you probably could not have drawn anything more surreal than that.

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