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You could end up with a huge phone bill this summer: here's how to avoid it

You could end up with a huge phone bill this summer: here's how to avoid it

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It's useful to find out about roaming tariffs before you go on holiday, if you don't want your pants to end up on your phone bill.

Most people don't put their cell phones away even during vacations. Today, it has grown in the palm of our hands to the point that it has become strange to spend even weeks without the latest news or without constant communication with our loved ones. However, abroad, this can cost extra money in many cases.

“Before traveling abroad, make sure you know what roaming charge zone the country is in, how much roaming calls and data your subscription includes, and if you need more, which additional package is worth purchasing,” he suggests. Money center.

You may be surprised by your phone bill if you use your cell phone a lot while on vacationOscar Wong/Getty Images Hungary

Your phone bill can rise if you use the Internet abroad

Although it is located in the territory of the European Union and that In other countries of the fee area 1 When traveling periodically, we can usually use their subscription under the corresponding conditions of the Hungarian tariff, in other countries additional costs may be charged for mobile Internet and phone calls. For this reason, it is useful to know in advance from the telephone service provider with whom we have concluded a contract, the type of roaming classification in the country in question.

The most popular destinations in Europe Some also fall into another category, such as Montenegro, Switzerland, Serbia or Türkiye. In these areas according to toll area 2 We can chat with our phone.

Downloads can also be added to your phone bill

It doesn't hurt to download phone applications in advance that can help us during our trip. Local Google Maps traffic maps, Or if we use public transportation, dedicated apps can also be useful, but for language recognition programs, program ideas or choosing a nice place for dinner, for example, Tripadvisor is also good if it is already available on our phones. Let's get ready for the longer journey with pre-downloaded music and movies We save downloads that require a large amount of dataso our phone bill can also be lower.

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