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You can try this “foot poser simulator” for free, which is eerily detailed

You can try this “foot poser simulator” for free, which is eerily detailed

“Foot Posture Simulation”, which is now free to try on Steam, offers a highly detailed “play experience”.

Of course, we know that video games can be used not only for entertainment, but also for detailed simulations of parts and environments of the real world. In recent years, we have received more and more simulators, among which there are also those that are really designed to copy reality. It’s like this space drive It used real data to simulate distant planets and galaxies. And now the leg position simulator is also available in beta, which is really what its name suggests.

Haele 3D is developed by Ige Olwen Poser Pro feet It can also be used as a leg anatomy reference for artists,” reads the Steam description.

Without a doubt one of the most detailed foot simulators ever. Here, players can place their legs on the image in different shapes. You can access many settings such as changing lighting, backgrounds, modes, toenail color, skin tone, and more. It is so detailed that certain parts of the foot where melanin may not be present as much as other parts, such as the insole, are lighter than the heel.

Each foot model is created with such detail that we can even see the prints of the toes. Moreover, you can adjust how wrinkled the foot is to further simulate the age of the model. Incidentally, he also received an age limit warning on Steam “There are bare feet in the game.”

The game will be released on June 26, But the show is now available for free.

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