Hamarosan újra ingyen lehet próbálgatni a Final Fantasy XIV-et bevezetőkép

You can try Final Fantasy XIV again for free soon

Unfortunately, after the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the servers were so overburdened that Square Enix had to stop trying.

A few days ago, Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida sat in front of the cameras to talk a bit about the game’s future. There was a lot to talk about, like changes to the home purchase system and an upcoming graphics update, but server issues were also raised during the conversations.

The Endwalker About its release, the team had to make the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV unavailable because servers were already begging for mercy without the tsunami of free accounts. The situation has since returned to normal, so the trial may return.

Final Fantasy XIV Free Edition offers more content than many other MMO demos. Those interested are free to enjoy the basic adventures of Realm Reborn and Heavensward, upgrade to level 60, and play as long as they want.

Anyone who wants to try out an MMO can sign up for a free demo account starting tomorrow, February 22nd.

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By the way, Yoshida also touched on the topic of NFT in Live Letter. We know that Square Enix wants to integrate NFTs into its gamesbut (for now) they seem to be rescuing Ioria.

“Since there are people concerned about this, I will say frankly that we do not plan to integrate NFT into our game at this time.”

Final Fantasy XIV has a long way to go before things change, of course. There is so much that seems certain, at least, that you don’t have to worry about that over the next few years.

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