You can swim in the Danube right in the city center

You can swim in the Danube right in the city center

a buddha under construction We were also interested in the Danube beach in the middle of the modern districtRight after opening, we tested the place in good heat.

poppy seed flame

a SHO Beach sandy beach, Those who like to swim await in the city with umbrellas and sun loungers, the lukewarm and cold Danube waters. Thanks to Poppy, this beach has its own poppy seed pasta with homemade ranch cheese and pickled wild onions.Acacia sour cream flame cool. And among the chilled drinks, everyone will find something for themselves. At the entrance, a separate food ticket can be exchanged, as well as a SUP ticket, which guarantees the acquisition of the flag of “walking on water”.

Shaw Beach – where nature meets the city (Photo: Metropol / Balázs Keresztesi)

Gorgeous MÁK-lángos (Photo: Metropol / Balázs Keresztesi)

sup yoga

We can also walk on water with the accessory (Photo: Metropol / Balázs Keresztesi)

“We have been here in the Gulf for a long time, teaching ‘training’, preparing for competitions, but We also hold fitness and yoga classes for interested guests. It’s great now that, in addition to sports, people who live in the city can come here to swim. We ourselves enjoy it after working out We can take a good bath, dry ourselves on the sandy beach, and bake in the sun.” – Zsuzsanna Pintér, assistant coach, reports to Metropol.

The last half hour is free

We can lie on the sandy beach (Photo: Metropol / Balázs Keresztesi)

For those who use or use the sunbed only Longing for a refreshing swim after workWe also have good news, you can come with a weekday afternoon ticket, or enjoy a free spray between 7 and 7 p.m.

Here the crowns roam on the water (Photo: Metropol / Balázs Keresztesi)

Beach BudaPart is open daily from 10am to 10pm, you can enter with an Afternoon Ticket from 4pm, From 7:30 pm, free of charge. However, you can only shower until 7 pm. After that, the two restaurants and an ice cream parlor are still available.

Take a bike to the beach!

You can also cycle along the banks of the Danube (Photo: Metropol / Balázs Keresztesi)

If you go to the beach by car, you can park for free around Hengermalom út 51 at the park entrance (plus an 800m walk from the SHO BEACH entrance on the bay) or you can use the paid parking in the BudaPart Gate office building (50m walk) or stop At the Kubazi Dam (250 meters walk). By public transport: take the tram 10 stops to Infopark station, and from there 3 minutes walk to SHO BEACH. It can be accessed from Budavok using 133e, but Cyclists can cycle along the banks of the Danube and leave their cars in the bike storage facilities available on the beach.

Entry fee (Photo: Facebook / SHO Beach)

Danube beaches near Budapest

Close to the capital, next to the Danube in Jude, Donaksi, Kisuruzi, Nagemaros, Zentendre, it is possible to enjoy water bathing SHO Beach is the first of its kind in Budapest.

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