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You can save space in the closet if you store your jeans this way: the material does not wrinkle and the mess disappears

You can save space in the closet if you store your jeans this way: the material does not wrinkle and the mess disappears

Storing jeans becomes simpler and more transparent if you apply the right practices. We show you three great ideas that will simplify your wardrobe arrangement.


Storing jeans is simple and practical

Storing jeans is usually a headache for women. Folding is not easy at all, because the relatively stiff material takes up much more space than small T-shirts or t-shirts. Among similar colored jeans, it is sometimes not easy to decide which piece the daughter would like to wear, and often the whole system can be turned upside down by hunting for just one piece.

However, it is not easy to put in the closet, since most of the closets with shelves and hangers are not large in size to save space, so the clothes It must be chosen on an ongoing basis. T-shirts, T-shirts and blouses are often changed, but jeans have been part of a wardrobe staple for years due to their durability. Despite this, most people get a new, beautiful style from time to time, because let’s face it, it can get boring quickly if the daughter is usually swapping the same versions.

As a result, pants pile up and pile up, the system becomes more and more ambiguous, and in fact, there is less and less room for other pieces of clothing. With correct storage techniques However, the problem can be easily eliminated. In the video, you can see three simple, space-saving practices that are worth using if you have a ready-made set of jeans hiding at the bottom of the closet.

Although you rarely see jeans hanging on a hanger, this solution is very practical and convenient, and it is much easier to find the jeans you want to wear among the ten different blue pants. That’s why you need it in your hanging wardrobe To free up some space.

The chest of drawers also holds a lot of jeans, and although at first glance no one would think of lining up thick and tough pants in there, with the right technique and skillful folding, they can all be condensed into one storage compartment. The jeans should not be lined up on top of each other, but rather next to each other, so you can save a lot of space.

Of course, the classic shelf-folding method should also be taken into account. This way the pants take up most of the space. However, with smart technology You can fit twice as much jeans on one rack as you would with a rough fold.

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