You can mow the lawn from summer in this lawn mower simulator

You can mow the lawn from summer in this lawn mower simulator


I like mowing it, mow it … 😉

3/30/2021 22:35 | Dino | Category: Game

In Deluge of Various Simulations, Skyhook Games, and Lawn mowing simulatorOddly enough, all you have to do is mow the lawn.

But it’s not the lawn mower AL-KO or Flymo in this area (I remember from my childhood how the airbag materials of the latter brand looked great in commercials), but the lawnmower – something like a true story story of David Lynch in 1999) the hero of his movie set out in A long journey to his sick brother.

Instead of the American scene, however, in the game, we can operate in British rural locations, using tractors from brands like Toro, SCAG or STIGA – a total of 12 of these machines await.

But our mission isn’t just mowing the lawn: we need to build our business, gradually expand our headquarters, hire new employees, promote our company, and of course, it’s okay to pay attention to the accounting so we don’t spend more than we have.

Lawn Mowing Simulator for PC and Xbox Series X / S will be released during the summer. Owners of machines last from April 2 to 16. They can actually get a look at the game under the Xbox Insider Program, provided they sign up beforehand. ■

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