Akár egy évre „lakat kerülhet” a problémás webshopokra az NMHH és a Nébih együttműködésének köszönhetően

You can “lock” problem shops for up to a year thanks to cooperation between NMHH and Nébih

2021. 05. 06. 10:30

As the online sales channel progresses, inspection authorities are also finding more and more websites in Hungary that offer counterfeit, illegally manufactured or marketed products for sale. The most effective way to combat fraudsters is through cooperation between authorities, so the National Media and Communication Authority (NMHH) and the National Office of Food Chain Security (Nébih) entered into a cooperation agreement for this coordinated action.

Online sales also represent an increased risk in food chain security. In the course of their work, Nabih’s employees have already witnessed, among other things, the provision of unlicensed veterinary products and services, but also the distribution of prescription products without a prescription. Professionals should also take regular action against websites selling foods, including nutritional supplements, that endanger human health or are misleading about the basic properties of the product.

Centralized Electronic Decision Resolution, i.e. KEHTA, which is managed by the NMHH, may help prevent these infringing activities in the future. By registering Nabeeh’s decisions in the KEHTA system, the potential for violating sites to be rendered inaccessible for 365 days.

The signing of the cooperation agreement laid the foundations for the use of the system, followed by the establishment of the technological conditions. In order to protect consumers, the authorities aim to begin “blackouting” websites violating the food chain as soon as reasonably practicable, if possible, from June.

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