You can hardly see New Zealand on this monstrous lightning map of New Zealand

More than 100,000 lightning strikes were observed in one week in New Zealand during the early June storms. The National Weather Service recorded exactly 111,621 lightning strikes across New Zealand’s islands and surrounding waters between June 6 and 13 — and they’re all also plotted on a lightning map, and you can hardly see anything from the island nation:

Cold fronts from the Southern Ocean and the Tasman Sea caused doomsday in many parts of the country, for example in the town of Waikana, 50 kilometers north of the capital Wellington, where two tornadoes swept away flat roofs, uprooted trees and caused huge damage. Floods. Heavy rains also hit Auckland, and the port bridge in the city had to be closed from time to time due to strong winds that reached speeds of up to 100 km / h.

(Source: MetService, Photo: Getty Images)

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