You can get carbon monoxide poisoning not only during the heating season

“We say it slowly, but loudly: Beware of poison gas!” – One shared reading on the social page of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management in publishing. According to expert reports, local firefighters have been alerted to 425 cases of carbon monoxide this year alone, and So far this year, they know of 109 cases and 5 deaths the to carbon monoxide poisoning Connected.

The danger exists all year round

The most important message in the warning post is that People can get carbon monoxide poisoning not only during the heating season. Because all open flame water heaters are a source of danger all year round, if there is not enough air supply in their surroundings. So if the doors and windows are well insulated, but there are no air intakes – or Cover the ventilation holes – , then the open flame water heater uses the air in the designated room and Carbon Monoxide This is development.

Do these to prevent trouble

Disaster management collected the following tips To prevent trouble:

  • Install the air intake in the new windows! Ventilation is not enough sometimes! The safest solution is to permanently and automatically withdraw the air.
  • Have your open flame water heating system checked by a professional at least once a year!
  • When renovating an apartment, do not remove (or even cover) the ventilation holes in the bathroom!
  • If any of your appliances operate with an open flame, take home a carbon monoxide detector!

Carbon monoxide kills. The sensor could save a lifeFirefighters confirmed.

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A 45-year-old woman fell ill while showering, and told her partner about it in the nick of time, as she passed out immediately afterwards. It almost cost him his life There was no carbon monoxide detector in the house.

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