You can get a special camera for Samsung Galaxy S22

You can get a special camera for Samsung Galaxy S22

Soon comes Samsung’s big annual event, Unpacked, where the company is expected to unveil its next generation smartphones. This will include several foldable phones based on our current information, and of course the new episode of the Galaxy S22 series will appear as well.

Of course, there are constant leaks regarding the latter, so for example, we suspect that the device will come in three different packages, with three different screen sizes, that will not only use AMOLED technology but also its more expensive and sought-after design. , LTPO. -t.

Source: mashable

However, there are still relatively many questions about the camera. We know Samsung has been working on a 200MP ISOCELL system module for some time, which the company plans to save the world, but to find out this isn’t planned yet.

Instead, the Galaxy S22 is expected to rework the architecture of the already known 50MP sensor, which will already use RGBW technology. This means that in addition to the red, green and blue pixels, there will also be white pixels in the filter, which will eventually allow more light to pass through.

By the way, this is not a big novelty, similar lenses have appeared in many high-end smartphones in recent years, including similar lenses used by Huawei, for example. But most importantly, other manufacturers have yet to publish this system with high resolution as Samsung plans with 50 megapixels.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series isn’t expected to hit stores until around January, but it’ll definitely be interesting to pay attention to it, especially now that the company seems to be mowing down on another high-end product, the Note series.

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