You can get a fine of £ 5,000 for traveling abroad on holiday from the UK

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Starting next week, anyone traveling abroad from Britain for unjustified reasons will receive a fine of 5,000 pounds (more than 2.1 million forint) according to a bill that will be presented to Parliament on Thursday. BBC writes.

In principle, Britain is currently prohibited from traveling abroad on vacation or for rest under restrictions that expire on Monday, but from next Monday this will be determined by a separate rule, with heavy fines levied on the perpetrators. Only those who can prove that the trip was justified for reasons such as work, education, raising children, or medical treatment can leave the country.

According to current opening plans, the British will be able to go private, rest or relax in other countries from May 17 at the earliest, but this may change due to the development of vaccines and the epidemic situation in Europe.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said tougher restrictions on overseas travel are needed to prevent new infected people from entering the country or possibly new variants that could jeopardize the vaccination plan. The opposition Labor Party also supports the government’s plan.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already warned the country against falling into the illusion that they can escape the spread of the epidemic in other European countries. One of the ministers, Lord Bethel, has already suggested that all neighboring European countries be placed on the Red List on entry regulations, but Hancock says The government is not planning to do this.

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Citizens of the countries on the Red List are not currently allowed to enter the United Kingdom unless they are British citizens or have a residence permit, but in this case they must be placed in quarantine for a period of two weeks. The government is reportedly preparing to rethink the entry system, with plans to do so by mid-April.

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